Thailand’s Skin Magic

Thailand’s Skin Magic

thai tattooThere are countless people visiting Thailand each year, and some want to know about traditional Thai tattoos and how to get one. While getting such a tattoo is a nice way to remember about your travels in this beautiful country, there are a few things you should know before deciding to get one on your skin.
These traditional tattoos are also called yantra or sak yant (meaning to hit and yant for yantra) tattoos in Thailand. These yantra tattoos have been used for centuries by the local people to ward off evil, and many people get one done in order to obtain protection from something.

Although you can get one of the traditional Thai tattoos done in a conventional parlor, there is the risk of not getting a real one. The real masters of Thai tattooing aren’t found in fancy shops, but in temples or in small wooden shacks in less crowded areas. Just ask around about the best place to get a yantra done.

Most Thai people would recommend you to go to a temple where you can get an authentic yantra tattoo done by a monk. A monk will typically use only the traditional tools such as bamboo stick, ink and ritual scarring. These tattoos are made by tapping a sharp bamboo stick unto the skin – while this may sound painful, it is actually a lot less than doing it with the conventional method.

The last thing you should know about yantra tattoos is that, if you decide to get one written in Thai script, you should make sure it’s spelled correctly, as you probably won’t want to have your tattoo meaning something else than you believed.

By following these basic guidelines, you will be able to get one of the authentic traditional Thai tattoos on your skin, to have it with you forever.

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